Get Started with NESTOR!

For the Author

How to register in NESTOR? @Catherine Brassac
How to submit an article with NESTOR? @Catherine Brassac
How to send the revised version? @Catherine Brassac
How to send a request to the Editor? backlog


For the Editor

How to handle new submissions and do the Technical Check? @Nicolas Puyaubreau
How to assign an Editor? @Nicolas Puyaubreau
How to invite referees? @Nicolas Puyaubreau
How to send a recommendation to the author? @Nicolas Puyaubreau
How to do a search (for authors, articles, user history, …)? @Nicolas Puyaubreau


For the Referee

How to answer an invitation? @Catherine Brassac
How to send a report? @Catherine Brassac



For the Editorial Office / Journal Administrator

How to configure the file types? @Nicolas Puyaubreau
How to configure the article types? @Nicolas Puyaubreau
How to create a questionnaire? attendons refacto
How to edit or create a template letter? attendons refacto