How to submit an article in NESTOR?

If an author submits just after having registered, he will enter directly into the submission tunnel (1).

There, he should start to select the relevant article type (2).


Once the article type is selected, a dedicated submission form will be displayed.

The article files

  • some are mandatory (first indicated in red, they turn into green once the expected file is uploaded).

  • others are optional.

NESTOR can support many formats (Word, PDF, RTF, TXT, ODT, LaTeX, TeX, PNG, JPG,JPEG, GIF, and movies).


The main data

Some information are mandatory, they are marked with a *. In many journals, the author is asked to provide:

  • Title / short title

  • Authors list

  • Section

  • Abstract

  • Expertise fields

  • Free comments


The co-authors

The author should register the co-authors of his article and their affiliation.


This will allow these authors to receive notifications from the system.



The referees

If this function is enabled, the author is asked to provide some name of suggested referees, or to let the Editors know he does not want the article to be sent to some specific referees (opposed referees).


The original version questionnaire

Some questions (mandatory or optional) may be configured with multiple steps, depending on the previous answers.


In these cases, new sub-questions will appear as one answers a question with multiple parts. Here as well, answers may be mandatory or optional.


When all steps are completed, the author can submit his article to the editorial office of the journal. He will receive an automated acknowledgement of receipt.