How to invite referees?


Once an editor has been given editorial access to an article, and if the article is in the relevant status, then an editor may assign and manage referees to evaluate the paper. This is done via the “referee module” on the article page:


Clicking on “Invite a referee” will direct you to the search page, where you may search, or create a new referee in the database:


Select at least one referee, then click on “Invite”. This will generate a draft invitation, that the editor can edit and send to the referee:


Clicking on “Send invitation” will send the message to the referee. The paper will now change status, waiting for the referee’s feedback:


Note that the decision buttons will remain unavailable as long as one or several referees are active on the manuscript: an active referee means we are waiting from his confirmation, or his report.

This is a security to ensure that referees do not work on a paper currently in revision.