How to handle technical checks?


After submission by the author, a journal may first require some technical checks on manuscripts, before papers are being sent to editors and referee.

Technical check must be configured in two places:

  • in the article type, so that this article type will be subject to technical check

  • in the profile rights, so that some editors (typically, the editorial office) have access to these pending articles


When technical check is configured, papers subject to check will get the “Registration” status, and will appear in the “Registration” on the editorial dashboard.



On the article page, in the editorial decision module, two buttons will appear:


  • Clicking on “Send back to author” will generate a mail to the author, asking him to correct his submission before further processing. This will reopen the submission tunnel to the author, allowing him to overwrite the incorrect version.

  • Clicking on “Registration OK” will generate an acknowledgement of receipt to the author, and the article will get the status “awaiting assignment”